GoChain is a code fork of the Ethereum Geth implementation. This means public wallet addresses and private keys are derived from the same code and will work to access wallets on both networks. However, this does not mean GoChain is interoperable with Ethereum. As a general rule of thumb, always send GO to a GO address, as GO is not an ERC-20.

I sent GO to an Ethereum wallet and I have the private key:

- Enter your private key and access your wallet on our GoChain Web Wallet - https://explorer.gochain.io/wallet/send

Note: Please use this wallet in Chrome Incognito Mode or Firefox Private Window. This will disable any extensions that could read your private key.

- From here, you can send your GO to whatever wallet you'd like. Remember to reserve a small amount of GO for gas when sending.

I sent GO to an Ethereum wallet on my hardware wallet:

Ledger X/S:
- Plug your Ledger into your PC, unlock and open the Ethereum app
- Navigate to https://myetherwallet.com/
- Click on Access My Wallet
- Select Hardware
- Choose the Ethereum App
- Check Accept Terms at the bottom, then select Access My Wallet

- Once in the wallet navigate to the blue box at the top right labeled Network and select Change

- In the Network drop down scroll down and select GO

- Woohoo! You're wallet is now connected to the GoChain network and your address will display your GO

- Proceed to sent the GO to your GO address from your Ledger, or another wallet:


Coming soon!

I sent GO to an Ethereum wallet on an exchange, or a wallet that is in possession of a third party:

You'll need to contact the third party who has possession of the Ethereum private key for the wallet. They may not be able to provide it for their own security reasons, it'll be up to you to convince them of your mistake. You can tell them you sent GoChain to an Ethereum address that you now need the private key of the Ethereum address to access your GoChain wallet separately. This scenario would be like sending Ethereum to an Ethereum Classic wallet--same wallets, different networks.

Contact support@gochain.io if you're looking for tips on a unique scenario!
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