The following guide is for setup and use of Ledger Nano devices with MyEtherWallet:

How to Install GoChain app on Ledger Nano S/X

- Device has been thru initial setup Nano S / Nano X
- Device has the latest firmware Nano S / Nano X
- Download Ledger Live and follow guide
- Install Ethereum app on your device.
- Install GoChain app on your device.

How to open Ledger Nano S/X GoChain wallet on MyEtherWallet

- Go to

- Ensure your Ledger is plugged into your PC and the GoChain app is opened

- Click on Access My Wallet

- Select Hardware

- Choose the GoChain App

- Select the GO Network

- Select a wallet address by clicking on one

- Check Accept Terms, then select Access My Wallet

- Woohoo! Your wallet is now open!

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