What is GoChain?

GoChain has the best performing public web3 based network which is live and ready to use at 1300tps. Deploy your DApps and smart contracts today to get 100x the performance of Ethereum and reduce your impact on the environment.

GoChain is also the most reliable, most performant, 100% Ethereum Compatible blockchain for private networks as well.

What is the GoChain Fund?

The GoChain Fund will be used to fund companies/projects that use GoChain to build upon. More details to follow.

Why Ethereum?

We believe Ethereum, the JSON-RPC API and the ecosystem built around "web3" is the future of blockchain protocols. Smart contracts will have a huge impact on so many industries. And while we love what the Ethereum org has done, they are progressing on their path, and we would like to take it in a different direction. We believe we can improve on some core things (speed, energy, etc) and also we plan to improve on the smart contract system to make it easier to use and less chance for error.

How can I become an authoritative node?

Please apply here to be considered for running a node: Apply Here.
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